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AED Manufacturers and AED Defibrillator Brands

Cardiac Life™ is a nationwide distributor of all AED manufacturers and AED models.  Inventory is available for shipment of the following brands and accessories.   

  • Cardiac Science: Powerheart G3, Powerheart G3 Plus, Powerheart G5
  • Defibtech: Lifeline AED, Defibtech Reviver, Defibtech Lifeline VIEW
  • HeartSine: Samaritan 300p, Samaritan 350p, Samaritan 450p
  • Philips: FR2, FRx, FR3 , Onsite AED
  • Physio-Control: Lifepak LP 500, Lifepak CR Plus, Lifepak1000
  • Zoll: Zoll AED Plus

Whether you’re a first time AED owner, or looking to replace a discontinued or out-of-warranty AED, we’re here to help you through the decision process.  Request a consultation with an AED specialist to help assess your needs and determine which AED brand and model is the best fit for you.Plus. Defibrillator.  

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