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cpr training

CPR and AED Training for BLS and Heartsaver Certification 

You will be ready to respond to an emergency after being trained as a first responder through Cardiac Life.

Through our American Heart Association (AHA) training center you will learn the steps to perform adult, child and infant Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and learn how to perform AED defibrillation.   Based on your needs, you will receive a license for Heartsaver Certification or Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification.   As a certified first responder you can use your CPR skills in your work life and private life with confidence to save a life.

Cardiac Life offers community CPR/AED classes in our training center in E. Rochester, NY.  As well as at your location at a date and time of your selection.  Our knowledgeable instructors have the capacity to train large work forces with multiple locations throughout the United States.  If you desire CPR/AED instruction in Canada, we have a partner who is certified by the Canadian Heart Association, that will license your responders once trained.  

Choose the correct level of training for your employees and add on First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogen training if needed.  Our presentations are thorough, engaging, and present participants lots of real life experiences and provide hands-on practice to assure CPR/AED competence.  Set up a consultation with our CPR center to discuss your needs by calling (585) 286-3811.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest kills over 500,000 people in the US each year.   Effective CPR provided until a defibrillator arrives can increase the chance of survival for someone suffering Sudden Cardiac Arrest by 70%.   Click here for our current schedule   

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 Name of Class

 Class Type


 Heartsaver CPR/AED

 Teaches basic CPR using the head tilt-chin lift, chest compressions and  breath.


 4 Hours

 Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED

 Video-based, instructor-led course teaching first aid, choking or SCA  emergency before first responders arrive.

 CPR & First Aid

 6 Hours

 Heartsaver First Aid                 

 Video-based, instructor-led course teaching critical emergency  response skills before first responders arrive.

 First Aid

 2-3 Hours

 Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR/AED

 Designed to meet regulatory requirements for child care workers.    Teaches  to respond and manage illness and injury in a child or infant.  Includes  Pediatric First Aid, child/infant CPR AED, Adult  CPR/AED and  asthma care training.

 CPR & First Aid

 7 Hours

Basic Life Support, BLS/CPR for Healthcare Providers/Professional    Rescuers:

 Recognize several life-threatening emergencies, provide CPR, use an  AED and relieve choking in an effective manner.

 Healthcare  Providers

 4 Hours

 Instructor Training

 Complete this AHA Instructor Essentials course to become an AHA  Instructor.  Learn planning, preparation, how to conduct written exams,  skills practice and skills testing all in a self-directed course.

 Healthcare  Providers

 8 Hours (after  prerequisites)

"Your trainer was absolutely wonderful!! His knowledge and enthusiasm kept us informed and attentive throughout the session. Great presentation! His friendly manner made us feel comfortable and he encouraged participation with his hands-on training approach. We left the class feeling educated, informed and confident."
-Lynne Schaefer, NYS Department of Motor Vehicles